Follow the Ultimate Health & Wellness Protocol and...

* Achieve ultimate health and fitness

* Slow the aging process

* Look and feel better

* Strengthen your vital organs

* Make yourself more resilient to disease

* Increase your energy and vitality

* Improve your memory and brain power

* Quickly shed extra fat

* Increase muscle tone and strength

* Protect yourself from electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Hello and welcome to the Ultimate Health Protocol, a cutting edge health and wellness plan designed to slow aging, optimize your weight, prevent disease, burn fat, increase your energy, reduce harmful stress, and strengthen your entire body.

This website is the result of many years of meticulous research, personal experience and countless hours pouring over health related books and articles written by some of the world's leading health authorities including: Dr. William Douglas, Dr. Mary Enig, Barry Groves PhD., Dr. Jan Kwasniewski, Laurence Morehouse PhD., Byron J. Richards CCN,Dr. Al Sears, Dr. Paul-Robert Thomas, Dr. William Wong, Edwin Checkley, Sally Fallon, Ori Hofmekler, Warren Matthews, Weston Price, and others.

This information has been packaged into a concise, easy-to-follow health program suitable for just about everyone. The information is free and much of it is unique because you won't find it promoted by the popular media. We have found the information of enormous benefit and believe you will too. You will also find links to some premium health resources and wellness products which we know are the most effective and represent the best value for your money. However, even if you choose other health products we hope you enjoy and benefit from the information on this website.

What does this optimum health program consist of?

Here are the key elements:

- Oxygenation

- Hydration

- Diet

- Supplements

- Exercise

- Rest

- Sunshine

- EMF/RF Protection

To follow the program just follow the navigation panel on the left or access the pages listed below.

We wish you the very best in health and strength!


The Editors

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