Creeping Weight Gain and How To Reverse It!

What is the cause of creeping weight gain?

Although weight regulation is a complex matter, one of the main reasons for creeping weight (ie. fat) gain is the fact that most people consume far more carbohydrate (sugar) than they can safely burn off. This is due to the fact that we have adopted an unnatural diet high in sugar which has impaired our ability to utilize fat as a fuel. This takes a toll on our bodies since over time we tend to accumulate these sugar calories in the form of fat.

There is, however, more to the story than over-consuming carbohydrate calories. It is the damage done to our metabolism which is related to our overall hormonal imbalance. As we overconsume carbs and become insulin resistant, we slowly accumulate more fat. These same fat cells release leptin , the master hormone which controls among other things our metabolic processes. Increases in leptin is supposed tell our subconscious brains that it needs to increase the metabolic rate and decrease hunger in order to reduce the fat stores. It seems, however, that many individuals develop leptin resistance which means that the brain no longer responds to the leptin signal to burn fat. This results in more and more fat being stored and more leptin being released into the blood stream.

What then is the solution to reversing creeping weight gain or obesity?

1. First we must manage our insulin and leptin levels by following an optimal diet low in sugar.

2. Maintain a constant high level of essential nutrients in your body by taking the suggested dose of a comprehensive dietary supplement such as Total Balance together with a pure fish oil supplement such as Omega 3 Fish Oil.

2. Modify our eating behaviour by eating in harmony with our appetite by chewing our food thoroughly, eating slowly and allowing our natural satiety brain signals to register that we have eaten enough.

3. Eat 3 meals a day. Breakfast and lunch should not fully satisfy our hunger. Supper or dinner should usually be our biggest meal since it needs to last until the next morning. This meal should over satisfy our hunger.

4. Eat only small snacks of protein/fat (nuts, peanut butter, cheese, etc.) sufficient to tide you over to the next full meal.

These measures will lower your fat set point and help keep it there.

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