Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity is a phenomena to describe the radio frequency spikes and noise in the electric wiring of your home and workplace. This "dirty" electricity will radiate from any electric appliance plugged into a power receptacle. The effect of all this is a constant exposure of our bodies to these biologically interactive radiations.

There are many sources of RF which can dirty the electric power we use including most household and office appliances. Two of the worst offenders in your home are light dimmers and the new compact fluorescent lights which have been replacing ordinary incandescent bulbs in recent years. These lights lower power consumption by rapidly switching the current on and off. This creates high frequency radiation which feeds back into the power wiring and in turn radiates through the house wiring and the power cords plugged into it.

Eliminate the Problem

You can eliminate dirty electricity in your home by discontinuing the use of all RF generating appliances in your home or office. These would include electric motor appliances, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights and compact bulbs, light dimmers, etc. For most people this is not a very practical solution since we are accustomed to using such appliances. It also does not completely solve the problem because RF Interference (RFI) can also come into your home from the electrical power grid. Power lines are also giant RF antennas which can bring RFI into your home environment.

A much more practical method to eliminate dirty electricity is to install filters on your power receptacles. These filters will effectively absorb the harmful RF noise regardless of the source and restore a calm environment. Click here for more information on dirty electricity and RF filters

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