The EMF Protection Chip

The EMF Protection Chip

is patterned after the original EMF protection device invented by Dr. A. Puharich. It is engineered to emit a scalar (standing) magnetic frequency similar to the earth’s natural magnetic pulse. This scalar potential has the ability to block all the negative effects of the ambient electromagnetic pollution (electro-smog).

Scalar Electromagnetics

Scalar potentials first appeared out of the equations of James Clerk Maxwell in the 1860s. In the early 20th century, Nikola Tesla studied this energy and developed methods to generate and use it. Since then, the existence of scalar waves has been mostly forgotten by mainstream scientists and engineers. In more recent times other researchers and scientists have studied the effects of electromagnetic waves when they cancel out in space to produce an energy potential only. Only naturally occurring frequencies such as, for example, the resonant field of the earth (centered around 8 Hertz) have been found to have health benefits. Manmade EMF radiated by transmission towers, cell phones, cordless phones, microwave transmitters, digital wireless devices, high tension lines, etc. have a very detrimental effect on humans, animals and plant life.

Schumann Resonance

In the 1950’s W.O. Schumann predicted and subsequently detected natural standing wave electromagnetic frequencies in the cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The lowest and strongest of these frequencies was measured at 7.83 Hz. Overtones were present as well at 14 and 21 Hz and higher. This standing wave seemed to be excited and maintained primarily by worldwide lightning strikes.

Dr. W. Ludwig noted that the “Schumann Resonance,” as this beat frequency was called, lay in the same Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) band as Alpha brainwaves. He also realized that when these ELF frequencies were present, individuals were in their most healthy state, but when these natural occurring frequencies were attenuated or interfered with, various symptoms could arise. He noticed, for example, that certain weather phenomena could interrupt the Schumann waves and cause people to experience head and body pains, lethargy, etc. He then began to make portable electronic generators which would mimic the natural occurring atmospheric and earth frequencies to alleviate these symptoms.

The ELF Protection

In the 1980s Dr. A. Puharich, being concerned about the negative effects of electromagnetic fields, began to experiment with ways to reduce or negate their effects. He had also noted that one of the great dangers of EMF was that it can be mutagenic in human tissue.

He determined that the frequencies between 7-10 Hz would protect the individual from the negative effects of all environmental electromagnetic pollution. Dr. Puharich then developed shielding equipment built inside of a wristwatch which would filter out negative frequencies except the beneficial frequencies which peaked at 8-9 Hertz. Various similar devices are being used by naturopathic doctors to help protect their patients from the effects of electromagnetic pollution. The AlphaWave Chip works in a similar way. It, too, uses the electric field emitted by the crystal oscillator in a wristwatch (digital or analog) to create an 7-9 Hz scalar magnetic field.

Instructions for Installing the AlphaWave EMF Protection Chip

As you can see, the AlphaWave Magnetic Chip is tiny. It appears to be only a piece of copper wrapped in clear tape. However, it is actually a miniature Schumann frequency generator inside of a copper faraday cage. Please do not attempt to dismantle the device. Doing so will destroy the delicate mechanism inside rendering it useless.

The chip comes ready to install inside your own wristwatch. Installation instructions are as follows:

1. To install the EMF Protection Chip inside your wristwatch, you must remove the back cover like you would when changing the battery. Some watch backs are fastened with tiny screws while others are press fitted and must be pried off. One way to remove the back cover of these watches is to use a utility knife blade to gently pry it off. The blade is thin enough to be inserted between the cover and the watch body. Alternately, a jeweller can open your watch for you.

2. Once the cover is removed you will see the circular watch battery. Simply place the chip flat on top of the battery.

3. Once the chip is in position, the back cover can be replaced. Check to make sure the watch is working.

4. Alternately, the chip can be attached to the outside of the back cover. Simply position the chip onto the outer surface of the cover and cover with a piece of cellophane tape. Replace the tape as necessary as it becomes worn.

How to Use Your New Health Watch

With the EMF Protection Chip now installed in your wristwatch, you can begin to experience the benefits of scalar Alpha waves. This 8 Hz magnetic field is perfectly safe. It is a very weak field in the nanotesla range or about 50,000 times weaker than the earth’s own magnetic field. However, because your watch touches the skin, the field permeates throughout the body.

You can wear your watch virtually 24 hours a day even while sleeping. Test it for yourself. If you sleep better without it then remove it at night. If you sleep sounder wearing it then keep it on.

Disclaimer: The AlphaWave Scalar Watch Chip is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate or cure any medical condition. This device has been installed in many different types of watches with no problems. Nevertheless, the user alone assumes all responsibility for the installation of this device or any unforeseen damages to the watch as a result.

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