The Exercise Protocol

The Exercise Protocol is the Key to Feeling and Looking Your Youngest!

But the question is: What is the most beneficial form of exercise? We believe the most beneficial form of exercise is that which promotes bodily health, strength, vitality, and longevity. Such a system of exercise was developed by Physical Culture expert Edwin Checkley . His system of exercise protocol primarily sculpted and strengthened the body by using the constant resistance to gravity.

Checkley demonstrated how it was possible to exercise throughout the day without traditional exercises! It was a breakthrough in physical fitness that has been lost for nearly a century and only very recently been brought to light again in the book Warrior's Way: The Strength Secrets of Ancient Warrior Societies

In an article he wrote entitled: How To Train The Body For Health and Poise Checkley lays down the basis of this method of continuous exercise:

"...careful attention to the everyday bodily actions goes a long way toward giving one health, strength, and proper activity. The mere resistance of gravity - that omnipresent pulling machine, which pulls on every muscle and organ at once - furnishes the best exercise of all. Really this resistance of gravity is one of the main works of every man's life, and to do it with the least possible waste of force is to carry out the principle of exercise..."

In another article by Checkley entitled: "Why is Physical Training a Necessity?" he describes the importance of his exercise protocol:

"Not until both mind and body receive equal training will the power to resist disease be any stronger than it is today, or the ability to perform the commonest movements the body has to make in the day's duties, as walking, sitting, standing, and above all, breathing, any greater than at present. Only when the body has been so trained that it carries itself normally and allows the various functions, such as circulation, nerve action, digestion, and so on to proceed without hindrance, will the power of resistance to disease and decay be as strong as it should be. Then the average person should be able to keep his normal health and strength long past the age of four score and ten."

Dr. Richard Mackarness in his book "Eat Fat And Grow Slim" also pointed out the advantage of exercise via body management:

"If you restrict your hours in bed to eight out of the twenty four and do not lie about in a chair during the day, you will ensure that your muscles are active all day and using fuel. This is exercise through the maintenance of posture - much more effective in getting weight off than a game of squash or a quarter-mile sprint, either of which will throw a serious strain on your locomotor system while you are overweight and may leave you with a backache or a strained foot."

The Exercise Protocol

The Exercise protocol is based on using purely natural means to exercise the muscles, tendons and ligaments without the torture of long hours in a gym doing arduous workouts which can easily do your body more harm than good.

Firstly, it is a system designed to use the omnipresent resistance of gravity to strengthen and vitalize the body during the course of the day. Secondly, it incorporates interval resistance training to efficiently build lean muscle, heart and lung power.

Below we present an outline of the protocol. The linked pages provide more details as well as more resources.

1. Body Management forms the basic foundation for exercising by resisting the force of gravity. Doing these activities properly engages muscles which in turn strengthens the body, burns calories, and gives a feeling of exhilaration.

2. Resistance Training uses weight-bearing exercises to increase lean muscle mass and strengthen the large muscles of the body such as the legs, back & shoulders, and abdomen. This provides useful physical power to maintain health and vitality even into old age.


Exercising must become habitual. Checkley once observed: "Breathe, walk, stand and sit correctly - master these accomplishments and long life and continued health will be your reward."

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