What is a Healthy Breakfast?

After a refreshing sleep and a cool morning shower, you need to restore glycemia with a healthy breakfast. Without a doubt your best choices are protein-based foods. Yes you can even enjoy bacon & eggs on the menu!

Protein for breakfast helps to increase your metabolism and burns the same amount of calories as a morning jog.

Dr. Sidney Baker, author of The Circadian Prescription has this to say about the role of breakfast and protein intake:

"What it boils down to is that morning is the time for what you might call the "up" part of your body's chemistry. It's associated with the presence of higher levels of adrenaline, hydrocortisone, thyroid hormone, and other substances required for a state of alertness and activity. And because protein supplies the raw materials for adrenergic chemistry, failure to eat it in the morning leads to a general inefficiency in body chemistry, just like what would happen in an assembly line if the appropriate parts were not delivered at the right time and place. The results may be quite different in different people, but the common theme is not being sufficiently conscious or "up", and it shows up in the level of mental alertness, attention span, concentration, and energy.

Notice the counterintuitive paradox here; everyone thinks that carbohydrates are for energy, so they find themselves puzzled when a breakfast of doughnuts and juice leaves them fuzzyheaded, exhausted, and hungry by midmorning.

Daytime levels of amino acids from protein are supposed to be higher than those at night. You cannot sustain healthy levels of amino acids during the day without daytime protein intake. Paradoxically, you need some of these amino acids for repair and growth at night, but it appears your body wants them delivered during the day shift."

Breakfast Ideas:

Eggs are a traditional breakfast food and for good reason; they are high in protein and natural fatty acids. Eggs can be prepared in a wide variety of ways including boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, or as an omelet. Cheese and meats can also be added to increase the level of protein in the meal. With the addition of a half cup of bran cereal and a cup or two of unsweetened coffee or tea, you have a healthy breakfast which should tide you over until lunch. Your meals should be just large enough so that you refrain from snacking which adds unnecessary calories.

Since many people don't have time to cook in the morning, another healthy breakfast is a protein smoothie or shake. These can be made with milk, yogurt, raw eggs, fruit, cocoa or vanilla extract. For more high quality fat you can also add peanut butter, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, or cream.

The important rule about breakfast and lunch is to keep protein intake high and limit the carbohydrates.

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