Leptin - The Master Hormone

In 1994 a new hormone was discovered which was produced by the white adipose (fat) tissue which accumulates around the waist, hips, and thighs of millions of people around the world. This hormone was named leptin.

In his monumental work, Byron Richards Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, goes into great detail as to how leptin functions as a master hormone and how it affects the human body.

Until the discovery of leptin, fat deposits in the body were thought to be inactive lumps of tissue. Now it is known that fat cells produce a powerful hormone called leptin which signals the brain to regulate the metabolism in order to store more fat or to burn existing fat stores.

Many overweight people not only have become insulin-resistant but also leptin-resistant. This occurs because as the body accumulates more fat, the surges of leptin to the brain increases. After some time the brain becomes desensitized to this hormone and no longer properly responds to it. This results in more fat accumulation and even more circulating leptin in the blood stream.

The way to restore both insulin and leptin sensitivity is through proper eating and exercise HABITS. We have become habitual over-eaters and snackers. By correcting these lifestyle issues, it is possible to restore proper hormone function which in turn will return the diseased body into a health state.

By following the protocols on this Web site, insulin and leptin levels will be reduced and allow your cellular and metabolic processes to normalize.

UPDATE: Recent evidence suggests that Omega 3 Fish Oils have a strong affect on leptin levels. By consuming four capsules per day of Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil (twice the normal amount), early reports are that leptin blood levels are normalized allowing weight loss to occur naturally.

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