Protection from EMF is Essential for the Health of Your Loved Ones!

The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields

Protection from EMF is one of the most important, but least recognized hazard to your health and of those dearest to you! We are literally bombarded by invisible radiation generated by numerous man-made sources of electrosmog such as: cell phones and cell phone towers, electrical appliances, computers, high voltage power lines, microwave ovens, electrical wiring, fluorescent lights, cordless phones, wireless modems, bluetooth devices, etc. This hazardous electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) can wreak havoc with our own biological functions and make us sick.

Sources of Electrosmog

As noted above, there are many different sources of electrosmog. One of the most dangerous forms of EMF pollution is called dirty electricity because it acts as a carrier for other harmful frequencies.

The Effects of Electrosmog

Electromagnetic fields caused by man-made sources have a strong influence on the brain. The brain's most beneficial frequencies have been found to be in the 7-9 Hz Alpha range. The Earth's natural pulse known as the Schumann resonance has a fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz. Furthermore, the hydrogen bonding frequency of DNA is also 8 Hz. This means that this frequency is crucial for controlled cell replication. Any deviation from this frequency could have serious health implications.

Normally, the biological functions are harmonious without interference. In this state, a person feels normal, calm, and pain-free. However, interferences such as electromagnetic fields (EMF) causes imbalances which the body has a reaction to. This can cause many symptoms such as aches and pains, fatigue, depression, brain fog, anxieties, disturbed sleep, dizziness, tinnitus, allergic reactions, etc.

People are becoming more and more sensitive to electrosmog. EMF is invisible to our ordinary senses and its symptoms are usually attributed to unknown causes.

What is the Best Protection From EMF?

The best protection from EMF is avoidance. This means paying close attention to staying a safe distance from sources of EMF. Knowing what these sources of electromagnetic interference are can only be discovered with the appropriate equipment. It is also possible to use shielding materials to block EMF radiations. Click here for some examples of EMF detection and shielding.

Practically speaking, it is very difficult to avoid EMF. The next best thing to avoidance is to power down various sources of EMF when not in use. Cordless phones, wireless internet modems, and bedroom electrical circuits are three examples which would severely reduce EMF exposure in most homes.

Outside the confines of your own home, however, the situation becomes dire. In the office, factories, warehouses, stores, hospitals, vehicles, or just about everywhere, we are exposed to multiple sources of electromagnetic pollution. For protection from EMF from unknown sources we must turn to personal protection devices.

Personal Protection from EMF

The best way to protect yourself from EMF is with a scalar (standing wave) field generator to counteract the ambient EMF impinging on the body. Dr. A. Puharich created such a device by generating an 8 Hz scalar field with a faraday cage filter and the crystal oscillator of an ordinary wristwatch.

You can convert your own favorite wristwatch into a magnetic scalar field generator by fitting it with a Scalar Chip . Although the 8 Hz signal is many times weaker than that of the earth's field, because it is emitted into the skin, it permeates throughout the whole body. The effect will be to strengthen your own natural Alpha rhythm and increase your resilience against physical stressors.

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